After jealousy and fear led to the Church's betrayal of the Templar, the surviving Knights realized that they would need structure to retain order and survive. In place of the Church's oppressive rule, the Knights created three sub-Orders, known as Chambers. Together with the leaders of the Order, the Chambers of Vision, Knowledge and Wisdom brought the Knights back from the brink of perdition.

Chamber of Vision

Those members who choose to take an oath to the Chamber of Vision will serve as the forward scouts of the Order. Theirs is a duty of eternal vigilance, scouring the realm for potential squires and worthy rogues in search of enlightenment, as well as marking carefully the movements of their enemies. Through their watchfulness new Knights will be found, and heretics banned forever from Apollyon's sacred halls.

Chamber of Knowledge

Members of the House of Knowledge will strive to master the intricacies of the realm. Through quick, effective research and dedication, members will reveal even the most trivial details of areas, spells, techniques and strategies in order to more effectively bring truth to the disheveled masses.

Chamber of Wisdom

Those Knights who choose to reside in the Chamber of Wisdom will stand as the living embodiments of soul and heart within the Order. Through their carefully weighted decisions and strong moral foundation, these Knights will serve as both mediators within the Order and diplomats to the outside world.

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