Rejected and persecuted by those they once fought to protect, and wishing to distance themselves from the scheming masses, the Knights have turned inwards, realizing that change is only possible within themselves.

+The Knights of Perdition answer to no one but the order.+

They retain their own code of honor, which they are required to strictly adhere to. This code is not merely words on a page but a way of life.

+The Knights of Perdition are an aloof order, assured of both their elite strength and righteous ideals.+

Knights will never sink so low as to respond to the snide remarks of the unenlightened, but rather, will merely show them the truth through action.

+Knights will honor the essence of fairness.+

Knights will not initiate a battle with a unworthy opponent unless the attack is a specific act of enlightenment. (Meaning the individual has committed heresy and attempted to dishonor the Knighthood, and has been marked by a leader for enlightenment.) A true Knight will never prey upon the weak and the innocent. If a Knight is attacked unprovoked then all knights will show adversary the same respect in battle as they are shown.

+Knights will remain pure in the face of adversity.+

As such, Knights will not initiate a group attack on a single target outside of a full-raid. No gangbanging unless in an effort to protect one of our own. If a knight Initiates in pk as an act of purification, then the knight must complete his mission on his own accord without receiving aid from others unless he becomes outnumbered by the unenlightened. pk fests are acceptable as long as they are group efforts on both sides.

+Knights will remain elite in thought, as well as action.+

Knights are above muck-slinging, and as such will not engage in personal attacks. Moreover, Knights are clearly superior to the unenlightened masses, and therefore discussion on public channels/boards is strictly limited. They will state their opinion and let it stand for itself.

+Knights shall remain true to their purpose.+

Stemming from their distaste of hypocrisy, and as part of their crusade against the unenlightened, Knights of Perdition will encourage the raiding and pk of those heretics who consistently show disregard for honor and/or their own clan petitions. Clans and their members who do not raid other clans will have nothing to fear from the Order.

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