Those who wish to help bring justice and enlightenment in the name of the Order should consider carefully the choice that they are about to make. The Knights live by a strict code of honor that is both demanding and rewarding - and entrance will not be easy. The Knights of perdition welcome warrior and intellectual alike so let all who feel the desire to enlighten seek entrance at our halls.

Under no circumstances can a new applicant be in the process of applying to any other clan at the time of applying, nor start an application to another clan during the application process.


levels minimum.

Qp Earned.

Reputation of honor and independence.

Application should be made in note on personal board to Perdition stating:.

Character details.

Character history.

Why you want to become a knight.

Where you see yourself within the clan.

Any former clans you were in.

Any previous clans you applied to.

Any alts you may have.

Any previous names or characters.


Level at time of application.

Quest/campaigns completed and quest points earned OR number of warfare kills, whichever qualifies you for applying.

For Boot Clan Members and Newbies:

While the above is ideal, if you feel you are ready to move on to another clan, and choose Perdition, your current rank up to the third rank will be honored unless one or more of the following are true.

If you do not meet the level requirements, you will lose one rank until that requirement is met, at which point, you will move up to your former rank.

If you do not meet the quest points earned requirement, you will lose one rank until that requirement is met, at which point you will move up to your former rank.

If you do not meet both above requirements, you will lose two ranks, and will be moved up to your former rank one rank at a time for each requirement met.

If you are not rank three in Boot or any future newbie clan at the time of application, and do not meet the joining requirements in terms of level and quest points earned, it will be up to leader discression whether to allow your application. This means it will be vital to not only have a good application, but to show yourself committed to joining our order.

A part of this commitment shall be your remaining at rank 1 until all requirements are met, and only at that point will any promotion tracking begin. This means you may spend longer than normal at the first rank proving yourself, but in this way, for those who truly wish to join our order, they may do so without having to wait longer.

For those rank four and above, you will have to start at rank three in the clan, but an effort will be made to find out what and how you contributed to Boot or any future newbie clan, and those contributions will be taken into account when deciding how to move forward with promotions.

Last updated

on the 16th of March, 2021.

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