Note: Leader assignments necessary for promotions will be handed out only after all other requirements are met. Time spent at Superhero level required for a promotions starts counting as soon as a minimum of 1400 stats are reached.

From rank 1 (Peon / Chambermaid) to Reborn Soul - Clan Transporter received

1 Month in clan / 1 Tier Complete or 10k Qp Earned or 4k pups / 20M gold donated

From Reborn Soul to Bloodsworn -

2 Months in clan / 2 Tiers Complete or 20k Qp earned or 8k pups / 70m donated / Leader Task

From Bloodsworn to Consumer of Souls / Mistress of Souls -

4 Months in clan / 4 tiers complete or 40k Qp Earned or 12k pups / 130m donated / Leader Task

From Consumer of Souls / Mistress of Souls to Dark Lord / Dark Mistress -

6 Months active at SH / Leader Task / 200m donated

(Activity at SH begins after 4k pups)

(Time Spent At SH for ranks 1-3 Does not apply)

From Dark Lord / Dark Mistress to Appollyon's Chosen -

1 Year active at SH / Leader Task / 500m Donated


Member will receive written warning for conduct unbecoming a knight. Public flames, whether on channels or boards, sending tells which are insulting or taunting, receiving complaints of rude behavior breaking the spirit of the rules of the game.

After written warning, any further occurrences of unbecoming behavior will result in a demotion.

Two Tribunal disciplines will result in a demotion.

Any disrespect of other clan members whether publicly or on clan channel will not be tolerated. If disrespectful behavior continues demotion will ensue.

Member must regain rank from start, new wars, new donations, new project.


The inabilities to be demoted further for constant unbecoming conduct. Revealing clan only information. Three tribunal disciplines. Members request.

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on the 16th of March, 2021.

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