In order to ensure that each member of the Order would live by the same code for generations to come, the Knights of Perdition gave birth to the Honor Tribunal. Through regular announcements, the realm will be made aware of the code that the Knights live by, as well as the proper course of action for calling the Tribunal into session. In the case that a Knight has wronged an outsider by acting against the code and is found guilty by a majority vote of Chamber of Wisdom, the offender will be required to cleanse themselves through a three step process:

Attestation-Which consists of a global restore with a standard message.
Restitution-Which consists of a token 75k payment to the victim.
Cleansing-Which consists of death by the victim (free PK), or by the hand of a Questor.

In this way, the honor code will stand as more than just a spoken word, but physical law that the Knights will live and die by.

Last updated

on the 16th of March, 2021.

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